McKinney Oil Xchange offers reliable and fast McKinney brake service in order to ensure you are navigating the roads as safely as possible. We both repair and replace drum, disc, and anti-lock brake systems and work on nearly every make and model of vehicle out there. Brakes are just one of those components that need to be replaced from time to time due to regular wear and tear, no matter how careful you are.

However, it is extremely important that you keep up with your routine car maintenance in order to ensure your brakes haven’t reached “metal-on-metal” status. When this happens, you will be faced with a much larger out-of-pocket expense. If your brakes start to squeal or grind, or if you notice jerky stops as you slow down, it is in your best interest to call McKinney Oil Xchange right away to schedule a brake system inspection.

Signs of Bad Brakes

You rely on your brakes to help you stop safely and securely, regardless of the weather or road conditions. If you neglect your brakes and ignore the warning signs that they may be wearing out, you could be putting you and your passengers at risk. Here is a look at some of the most common signs that indicate your car’s brakes are in need of repair:

  • The brakes pull when applying the brake pedal
  • The wheels are coated with brake dust
  • The brakes make a grinding sound
  • You feel a pulsation when pressing the brake pedal

In order to keep your car maintenance costs low and prevent you from needing to have all components of your brakes repaired, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our McKinney auto repair shop at the earliest sign of wear.

Call McKinney Oil Xchange Today

We are a knowledgeable brake service team who offer years of experience with all different types of brake service. From basic brake pad replacement to rotor service and turning, to major brake repair, we are the #1 trusted source when it comes to McKinney brake work. Here at McKinney Oil Xchange, we take great pride in our overall performance, service, and dependability. It is our goal to ensure your car is up-to-date with all of its maintenance needs, and that you are able to drive the Texas roadways as safely as possible. To find out more about our brake services, please contact us today!.